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About us

The first company of Hua Der Machinery and hardware Co.,LTD is Ho Dung hardware Co.,LTD which is established for more than 30 years. We are a professional whole seller for selling cutter, machinery and tools.

With abundant of knowledge and experience, we start design and production in 2000 to set up our own new brand of HD. Our main product is tungsten carbide milling cutter which used high quality of tungsten carbide material from Germany and Japan. We provide the most safety quality to you with high density, rotation, hardness.

Since we hope to promote the production and cutter efficiency, in this recent years we put more efforts on design the tungsten carbide anti-vibration holder, and tungsten carbide draw-out extension holder. With the tungsten carbide milling cutter, these three items become our best sellers and receive great reply from our customers. Therefore we decide to invest more products to return for the world.

With the trusty and warm support from customers, we will offer much greater quality, reasonable price and quick service to create better future with partners in the world. HD Machinery and hardware Co.,LTD will support you with passion and professional skills.